We design performance running wear that supports women’s curves, so you can run farther.

We design performance running wear that supports women’s curves, so you can run farther.


Our journey began in 2015 with a mission: to create the best compression shorts and tights that comfortably fit Brazilian women’s bodies. Today, that vision has transformed into Authen becoming South America's gold standard of women’s running gear—a legacy that now extends to women worldwide.


Our Brazilian Contour Fit was designed with purpose, born from collaborative efforts with female athletes who intimately understand the pain points that run gear can have if not designed with your curves in mind. Over countless miles of testing, we optimized our products to ensure optimum support and fit. So pop the tag and take our athletic wear for a sweat, we’re confident you’ll love Authen, or your money back.


Just as Bossa Nova united the best of Jazz and Samba, Authen was born from the fusion of North American engineering and South American spirit. We blend the best of both worlds to create something entirely new. The result is both flair and functionality—an embodiment of authentic Brazilian brand excellence.


While competitors chase world records, we chase personal victories. We understand the importance of every decision—every choice to get out of bed, every early morning run, every milestone along the way. We design athletic apparel for women who challenge themselves with the same dedication as world class athletes, regardless of their experience. For women that ran three days this week, despite balancing work and family, who finished their first 5K after months of training, and who strive to be the best version of themselves daily.


At Authen, we thrive on seeking challenges rather than waiting for them to arise. We welcome failures, defeats, and gaps in our knowledge as opportunities to unlock our true potential. Our inspiration stems from existential philosophy, teaching us that our decisions carry immense weight, birthing both anxiety and growth. Authenticity is the ongoing evolution, transcending cultures and traditions, as we journey towards our ultimate selves. This is the essence of Authen: an endless quest to become a better version of ourselves through self-destruction and recreation.



While the modern definition of authenticity typically means genuine or reliable, we must return to the etymology of the word to truly understand Authen’s ethos. Derived from Greek root words meaning self and doer, Authentikos is defined as acting on one's own authority. We believe Authenticity is a continual journey of self-improvement, recognizing that one is always evolving rather than remaining static.


We draw deep inspiration from our nation's breathtaking beauty—the majestic Sugarloaf, the rhythmic ocean waves, the captivating mountain ranges. Nature's fluid curves and forms surround us, whether in motion or stillness. Just as the contours of our surroundings remain dynamic, the Authen "A" is no static emblem. It flexes, curves, and adjusts—a perpetual contour, in constant evolution. We believe Authen athletes maintain this same disposition: always moving, always evolving.



We strive first and foremost to create performance athletic wear that contours women’s curves, all the while providing support in places that matter. Our compression apparel is constructed to prevent waist gape, ride-ups, and slide-downs, allowing athletes to focus on their training rather than their gear


We believe channeling authenticity is the journey we embark on to become the best version of ourselves, understanding that at any point along the way, that there’s room to grow. Our capacity to welcome feedback and acknowledge perceived imperfections sets us and our apparel apart.


Authen was born in Brazil, and we take immeasurable pride in our roots. As an apparel brand, we aspire to convey the aesthetic richness and the indomitable spirit that characterize Latin America. Through our designs, we seek to share the vibrancy, warmth, and